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Ramadan Holiday
Dear Customers, İn connection with the “Ramadan Holiday” 26/0617 -28/06/17 dates are decl…
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"Formula 1" - non-working day
Dear customers, In connection with the "Formula 1" 24 june is declared as non-working day…
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"Republic day" - nonworking day
Dear customers, In connection with the holiday of the “Repulic’s Day” 29.05.2015,is decla…
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Courier Service

The company Camex Azerbaijan wants to inform You about the opening of the office in Germany. From this day, you will be able to order any products from Europe online stores.

Dear customers!
Camex wants to please you with another announcement.
From November 1st, the prices of all kinds of CLOTHING, SHOES, SCHOOLBAGS and HANDBAGS are calculated based on the PHYSICAL WEIGHT.
There is no need to pay for the additional volume.
Hurry up to order!

Dear Customers,
A 10% discount on all carried shipments has started from November, 1st 2015.
Do not miss your chance!

Dear customers!
The company Camex Azerbaijan wants to inform You about the opening of the office in China. From this day, you will be able to order any products from online stores in China. The Chinese representative’s address is placed in your personal account (home page). Chinese Internet addresses of sites can be found in: http://camex.az/links?showcat=1&catnum=17

For the delivery of mobile phones, tablets and other products containing in batteries, from China to Azerbaijan you need to provide a document “MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)”, obtained from the manufacturer or seller. This document is the proof of the fact that whether or not the given product is dangerous for Air Transport.
If this product is the mass production of world famous producing companies, in this case, our company can provide such document. Otherwise, the client must obtain this document from the manufacturer or seller, and give it to us in order we can transfer his/her cargo.

Courier Service
The Company ”Camex LLC” dealing with shipping in the USA and UAE also offers courier and delivery services in Baku and Apsheron Peninsula. Accordin to the distance, the above mentioned areas is devided into 3 zones.
Prices for this kind of service depends on the weigt of the package and the customer’s location area. Depending on the period of delivery the price varies and is from 4 to 48 hours

Detailed Information ...


Исходя из новых правил таможенной декларации ,очень просим вас указывать все данные о посылке в вашем личном аккоунте, в противном случае, мы не гарантируем растоможку вашего товара

Camex предлагает Вашему вниманию новый сервис - оплату транспортировки банковскими карточками наряду с оплатой в кассе (или прямым расчетом в кассе). Таким образом Вы сможете гораздо быстрей забрать посылку и сэкономить время. Пожалуйста ознакомьтесь с инсрукцией в личной комнате.





CAMEX offers quickly and safely air transportation of packages, oversized shipmnets from the USA, Dubai, Germany, China and Turkey. The company offers:

A convenient control panel and the personal account. Customs registration, free delivery of the declaration. Delivery by the courier at the expense of the client, in Baku and Sumgayit. Delivery Service purchases from online shops (eBay, Amazon, from.ae).If the Online Shop sends your parcel in a box, the transportation amount will be considered by dimension weight. The weight is calculated according to the international standards. Weight more than 0.5kg and 1kg is rounded to one kilogram. More than a kilogram, considered only real weight, rounded to 0.1kg. The shipping payment can be made online or by cash at the office. For more information please contact us by: * 2112 call center

[Please enter all parcel information as soon as you see it in a personal account]

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