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New Year
Dear Customers, due to the " Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis and The New Year", 30.1…
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Constitutional Referendum
Dear Customers, in connection with the Constitutional Referendum, 26.09.2016 , is decl…
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Ramadan Holiday
Dear Customers, in connection with the “Ramadan Holiday” 07.07.2016 , is declared as a no…
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Courier Service

Courier Service

    The Company ”Camex LLC” dealing with shipping in the USA, UAE, China, Germany and Turkey also offers courier and delivery services in Baku and Apsheron Peninsula. Accordin to the distance, the above mentioned areas is devided into 3 zones.The areas covered by the zones are listed in the table bellow.

    Prices for this kind of service depends on the weigt of the package and the customer’s location area.The amount of transportation doesn’t depend on the weight and the number of the parcel.

    Courier service in Baku and Apsheron Peninsula

    Zonе 1 Baku centre, Alatava, microdistricts, Bayil, Darnagul
    0-6 Hours 0-24 Hours 24-48 Hours
    6 AZN 3 AZN 2 AZN


    Zone 2 Bilajari, Sulutapa, Xojasan, Khirdalan, Shikhov, Zabrat I, II, Sabunchi, Bakikhanov settl., Garachukhur settl., NZS, Keshle, Rasulzada, H.Aslanov, 8th km, Ahmadli, Guneshli, Yeni Yasamal
    0-6 Hours 0-24 Hours 24-48 Hours
    8 AZN 4 AZN 3 AZN


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